Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dublin Pictures

Here's a few pictures of the Irish sea and a couple of the sights in Dublin. The picture of the large pole is the monument erected by the city government to celebrate the millennium. They completed it in 2003. According to our tour guide, the locals hate it: "America-the Statue of Liberty; England-Big Ben; France-The Eiffel Tower; Ireland- a steel pipe." Some Dublin nicknames for the Millenium Spire include "Da Pole in da Hole" and "Da Stilleto in da Ghetto." I also snapped a picture of the exterior of our hostel, Abraham house. It gives you a good idea of a Georgian Dublin streetscape, with terraced buildings and painted doors (just in case you missed the "Doors of Dublin" posters featured in every Irish pub and Bennigan's since 1992). Finally, Steve and I dressed up as Plastic Paddies at Carroll's, the chain of souvenir stores selling cheap crap for tourists.


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